Texas Real Estate Home Buyer Consultation

My Texas home buyer consultation will a great value & best place to start for anyone with a goal of buying a home. I truly believe that you will gain valuable insight even if you've purchased a home in the past.

Since I am licensed in real estate & mortgage I will be able to answer all your questions related to both. You'll be talking to a Realtor & mortgage loan in one. My home buyer consultation is free & no obligation.

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Texas Home Buyer Consultation Realtor Fonz

Have you been frustrated or let down in the past with your real estate goals?

I always do my best, 100% of the time to deliver a premium experience no matter your goal or time frame. The purpose of having me as your trusted Realtor is to provide you with the service, knowledge, experience, advice & info you will need to confidently make the best decision possible. Since I'm licensed in both real estate & mortgage you'll have the unique opportunity to have me in your corner delivering a premium service while being mindful of your experience & I can competently advise you on both real estate & mortgage. 

Here are a few praises from my past clients:

About Realtor Fonz

We moved to Austin in 1992 after my dad got out of the Army. Since I've seen Austin grown tremendously & it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. My wife & I met in high school & we have 2 amazing children who are now young adults. Before becoming a Realtor in 2018 I successfully managed several departments at Lowe's Home Improvement from 2005-2011. From there I started my own cell phone repair store called The Austin Cell Phone. That business is still running strong & is managed by a great team while I serve all of my clients Real Estate needs. To further my education & service I give to my clients I became a licensed mortgage loan officer at Network Funding in 2021.

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You'll find that I'm very easy to talk to without all that slick sales talk. When you want to sell & buy a home, having the right Realtor by your side makes a huge difference.