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Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

Alfonso is a very knowledgeable realtor that helped us get into our first home. 

He answered all of our questions in a very timely manner whether via text, phone or email.

He's very flexible and always kept us informed throughout the process from beginning to end and even after closing.

I highly  recommend Alfonso and thank him for all the support.

​Edna H ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

You probably can’t get a better real estate agent than Fonz. Fonz takes the time to explain any questions in the process from the beginning to the end.

He is very thorough, professional, respectful, punctual and consistent. He adapts to your needs, is a great listener and understands!

He made the  process a breeze for us and we can never thank him enough. He really answered to whatever questions we had and requests in a timely manner every time and was always proactive and ready to work.

He was able to give us guidance in every single step of the way and put us at ease in the right moments.

We are very thankful to him and now enjoying our home very much.

E​mily R - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​Alfonso did an awesome job. He kept us informed and he was always available either by text, call, or emails.

He communicated the process very well and made the process easy and fun for us.

We highly recommend Alfonso​

​Sabrina C - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​It was so great being able to work with Fonz.

He was there to help us every step of the way, he was extremely responsive every time we had questions and if we didn't understand something he took the time to explain it until we understood fully.

Fonz is very knowledge of the industry and also has a  great mortgage team that we works with.

If I have to buy another house again Fonz will definitely be the one I choose.

I highly recommend.

​​Adrianna P ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​Que tuvo mucha paciencia para ayudarnos siempre estuvo cuando teníamos preguntas no le importó la hora y día​.

todas las casas que uno le decía que queríamos ver nos llevaba a verlas.​

un buen servicio

​Araceli S - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​I originally contacted looking for a new rental​.

After talking to Alfonso​ we decided that it might be best to find a home to buy.  

Alfonso did a great job by communicating with us​.

He explained the process very well and it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be.  

We want to thank Alfonso and his team for making one of our dreams come true!

​​Javi R - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​I recently closed on a home purchased through ​Alfonso. 

It was exactly what I was looking for, at a price and location that was perfect.

​Alfonso is an excellent realtor, professional, caring, patient and thoughtful. 

He actually listened to what I was looking for and found me my perfect home.  

I’ve  met many, many realtors and ​​Alfonso is the very, very best.... I’d absolutely recommend him to my nearest and dearest!!!!!!

​​​Kathy J ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​Alfonso is friendly, accommodating and willing to go the extra mile for any request that his client may have.

I appreciate his efforts in maintaining open communication during our escrow process, it was longer than usual to get closed because it was a new construction property, but, he kept me in  the loop.  

I would definitely recommend Alfonso and his services.

​​Tanisha Q - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​​Alfonso was very helpful since the first time I contacted him.

He helped me in getting my first home and he helped make it an easy and not so stressful process.

What I liked the most about working with Alfonso, is that he was always immediately available to answer any question I had.

It was a  pleasure working with him.

​​​Alba M - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​​As I first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions.

Alfonso answered all of them in a prompt, and easy to understand manner.

We began looking for our home six months ago.

I had a huge checklist of needs, but Alfonso never lost energy and momentum to find my family our home.

We are so grateful for  Alfonso’s outlook, experience and negotiation skills; His work ethic ensured us we made the perfect decision choosing him to be our relator.

Alfonso made each step of this potential uncomfortable experience a breeze.

The end result, my family found the perfect home, and I was full of appreciation at how easy home buying can be, with the right realtor.

Thank you, Alfonso!

​​​​Elise S ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​​Alfonso is way more than a realtor!

All of my phone calls, texts, and emails were immediately answered in detail every single time!

Very important to a first time home buyer with no clue about the process.

One example is I didn’t know about the utilities because we were moving 5 hours away and  within minutes he sent me an email with phone numbers so it was so easy for me to call and set everything up.

He also drove down with us for our home inspection and for our closing, something he did not have to do.

He didn’t just drive to closing with us though, he brought a fully loaded truck down and helped us unload.

He is so kind and thoughtful. His knowledge of home buying was a blessing and made everything run smooth.

He was truly on our side and got us a deal 10k under the appraised value of the home.

We could not be more thankful for our experience with him and appreciate his help and knowledge more than I can say.

​​​Seasun V - ​Realtor Fonz Review

Austin Realtor Fonz 5 Star Review Square

​​​​Relator Alfonso was great assisting us in buying our first home.

The process was simple and we felt very comfortable through everything.

Fon​z had a great response time to any questions we had and explained things very clearly.

We love our home it met all the needs we requested.

I would highly  recommend him!

​​​​Aracely M - ​Realtor Fonz Review