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My Commitment To You As A First Time Home Buyer

When buying your very first home you're venturing out into the unknown. Unless you have someone in your corner to help guide you in the right direction, it's going to be a bumpy ride. The good new is that you've come to the right starting place.

Before I get into how I commit to my clients I'd like to first mention that I always come from a place of contribution & service. I will never pressure or manipulate you into taking an action that doesn't feel right. I believe in earning your trust before I can earn your business.

Your Best Interest Comes First - This means finding you the right home, at the right price & the best terms possible my sole purpose. It might seem this is a no brainer but It amazes me how many time I hear feedback from clients about their past experience. 

​Be On Call 7 Days A Week - ​As a first time home buyer you're going to have a ton of questions. ​That's why I make myself available for you 7 days a week for anything. You'll have my personal cell phone number to call or text me & I commit to returning your call within 30 minutes if I don't answer.

Understand Everything - From A to Z & everything in between. My commitment is set your expectations upfront with what's to come. Then as we move froward I'll explain everything again to make sure you're aware of whats happening, what issues might pop up and have solutions ready just in case.

​There For You Until The End - ​I won't disappear or go MIA. For me, the job is not done until ​we close on your very first home and start moving in. I often attend the closings just to make sure that any last minute "hiccups" (​rarely happens) are ironed out ASAP.

There is a LOT more I commit to as your Austin REALTOR. What I find works best is for us to meet one on one, when you're ready, for a first time home buyers consult. There is where go through all the steps to buying a house, learn more about your goals & give you the opportunity to get to know me a little to see if I'm the right Realtor for you. 

First Time Home Buyer Consult

​Start With A First Time Home Buyer's Consult

Fill out the form below & I'll contact you. There is absolutely no pressure & no obligation for us to talk about your goals.

You can also call me at 512-809-0091

​​A Few First Time Home Buyer Programs

​New first time home buyer programs always become available while some go away. I'll always seek to match you up with the programs that will ​help you the most. Below are a few first time home buyer programs that are very popular and have been around the longest.

Down Payment Assistance (DPA) - One of the biggest hurdles for first time​rs is coming up with the down payment & closing costs to buy a home. These programs help by granting you the down payment (up to 5% down) to help you over that hurdle. However there is a draw back. These programs typically charge a higher interest rate to recoup their costs but you can usually refinance the loan 6-12 months after closing without any penalties. It will all depend on which program you go with.

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) - This is a mortgage interest tax credit that can reduce your monthly mortgage payment and closing costs. This program is specifically for first time home buyers and be used every year you live in your home. I've partnered up with a few great lenders in Austin that specialize in qualifying you for this program which make buying a home much more affordable.

Home Sweet Texas - If you've got some cash saved up for a down payment then this program is for you as it will reduce your traditional 5% down payment to either 3% or 3.5% depending on Conventional or FHA. Going this route will get you access to the best fixed interest rates available. With a lower interest rate your payments will be lower which will allow you to qualify for a more expensive home without going up in payment (compared to a DPA loan). This will open up your homes for sale in Austin search because now you'll have more options to choose from.

You might be in the very early stages or ready to get started right away. In either case I want to talk with you. As I mentioned above, I'm here to help & guide. Not to pressure or manipulate. When you're ready fill in the form above or call me directly @ 512-809-0091. Have a blessed day!