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Bought A Home in 2019? File Your Texas Homestead Tax Exception!

Bought A Home in 2019? File Your Texas Homestead Tax Exception!

Congrats on buying a home in 2019! Now you need to file your Texas Homestead property tax exemption.

Perhaps you're already ahead of the game and this is already taken care of but for those that have no idea what this is, continue reading.

​What is the Texas Homestead Exemption?

There are several exemptions you can apply for and the most common is the Homestead Exemption.

To put it simply, the Homestead exemption will reduce your homes assessed value by $25,000.

Watch this short video I made below.

The good news is that after you've filed your exemption, it will remain in place for as long as you own the home and live in it as your primary residence.

​Also, if you are disabled, over 65 or a disabled veteran, you may be able to qualify for more.

How do I know if I need to file for the exemption?

If you've lived in your home on or before January 1st, you'll need to file for the exemption.

You also have until February 1st so please do not hesitate, do it today. It could save you hundreds, if not thousands in property taxes.

What happens if I don't file?

You'll pay more in property taxes at the end of the year if you've paid for the house with cash. If you financed and have a monthly mortgage, your payment will go up.

I have questions, can I ask you?

I love helping people with real estate, it's my passion. Although, the best place to find answer's is through your local appraisal district.

For more info about how the homestead exemption works visit the Texas State Comptrollers website here:

You can download the exemption form here:

Then you have to file the exemption with your local appraisal district.

You can look up your appraisal district by county here:

If you have questions, the best thing to do is to look up your local appraisal district using the link above. Then click on your appraisal district & call the number listed.

I hope this info is helpful & that you qualify for as much as possible. Have a great rest of your day.

​Can I get in contact with you for something else real estate related?

Absolutely, as I mentioned before real estate is my passion and I love helping people with home ownership.

Feel free to call text or email anytime. My direct contact number is 512-809-0091.

​You can also learn more about me here: About Realtor Fonz

​Have a blessed day.


Alfonso Rodriguez

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