April 6

Austin Texas Area Real Estate Market Update for April 2022

Hey Realtor Fonz here with a quick update on the central Texas real estate market for April 2022.

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We had a crazy start to the year and it was starting to look like a repeat of 2021 but with the rise of interest rates I'm starting to see less competition & in my opinion this does not mean that we're heading towards a market crash but rather we're starting to stabilize in the real estate market.

We're only in April and not yet at the peak of our cyclical real estate market yet so instead of competing against 10 offers it's more like 3  or 4 on average.

You still have to be competitive when making offers but right now homes are much more obtainable.

Also, there's been a decrease in investors buying up properties because right now they're paying a much higher interest rate for an investment property which has taken a huge chunk of buyers out of the market and most builders are only selling to primary residence buyers.

Things are evolving on what seems like a daily basis so it's important to have the right support backing you up.

If you're in the market to buy or sell a home I'm the type of Realtor that will provide the service and guidance you will need to be successful.

I'm also a licensed mortgage loan officer so I can be your single point of contact for both buying and financing your next home.

To get started feel free to call or text me directly at 512-809-0091, that's my cell phone number.

Also if you're on my website there'll be an option down below where you can fill in your information for a follow-up.

I always like to start off by finding out what your goals are, your current situation and go over what the market looks like in the areas you want to be in for both new and used homes.

Thank you so much for your time on watching my video and have a blessed day.


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