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​A​bout Realtor Alfonso "Fonz" Rodriguez

I ​have lived in Austin has​ since 199​​2 ​​and have watched it grow into the the beautiful city that it​ is.

I have always had a passion about real estate ​dating back to when my parents bought ​the house they still live in. There was a sort of magic in owning a own home that has stuck with me ​​till this day.

​I take great pride & joy ​helping people, just like you, ​experience that magic of ownership.

​Your home is one ​of the biggest ​asset ​you will ever own and I will work hard to protect your interest as if it were my own. Continue reading below to learn more about what drives me.

Who Is Realtor Fonz

​​Qualified To Be Your Realtor

Education: I took the online correspondence classes at the Austin Institute of Real Estate. I learned all of the core knowledge required to obtain my real estate license. Although my required education is complete, I continue to immerse myself into what the Austin market is doing. I also continue my education with the ABoR, mentor-ship coaching and with Keller Williams awesome training program.

the ​I am confident that my education and available resources will enable me to serve you at the highest level.

Experience: For the past 6 years I have owned and operated a cell phone repair store in Austin called The Austin Cell Phone. Running your own business has a lot of similarities to being a REALTOR. If I didn't go out work the business, I would be out of business.

How does this apply to you and to real estate? I have an entrepreneurial mindset which is ideal for negotiating great deals for you. I also am goal oriented and can think creatively to get the deal done.

How would you feel about having a REALTOR who works hard & takes initiative working for you? Give me a call at 512-809-0091 to see how I can ​get to work for you.

Work Ethic: ​There is a lot of work and attention to detail when planning to buy a house. The same is true when selling your house too. The value of a good REALTOR is the work put in to get you, the client, the desired results.

I ​go the extra mile​ so that your goals are meet. You can't always win in real estate and ​a "win" often hinges on the amount of work that's put in. ​My promise to you is to never lose out due to a lack of effort. I only win when you win.

Mentality: I am a firm believer that a positive mental attitude gives off a certain energy that makes it easier to work well with the people around you. When you coupled that with a solid plan​, ​consistent execution of that plan ​with some creative thinking sprinkled in, you've got a winning combination ​that can get almost anything done. 

I ​carry this philosophy over ​into my personal and professional life. ​It has been my experience that this reduces ​stress​ ​while ​increasing ​productivity. Whatever personal issues I have are checked at the door when I am with my clients. You deserve the best of me and I work hard to make sure you get it.